In this very person episode, Dan Hauff and Allan vaguely remember a conflict that may or may not have actually happened. Rafiq provides moral support.

In this momentous episode, Rafiq and Allan choose a topic and manage to stay on it for a full 20 minutes. Samus would be proud.

As expected, any attempt Rafiq and Allan make to have a real conversation about spiritualism just degenerates into talk about butts and dongs.

Allan checks in on Rafiq to see how the weight loss plan is going.

Rafiq, Allan, and pioneer musician Adam Warshowsky attempt to have a deep conversation, but we just wind up talking about buttholes.

Tommy Gill joins Rafiq and Allan to talk shop and and show us how to do voice work.

Rafiq and Allan try to talk about Metroid Dread, but it doesn't take long for them to go way off the rails.

Minisode: The Weight Bet

Chagrined by his recent weight gain, Rafiq makes a bet with himself. Allan is there to be generally mean and unhelpful.

Allan sits down with Sleeping by the Riverside frontman Adam Warshowsky to talk about the band's reunion and their upcoming Furnace Fest show on 9/23/...View Details

Rafiq, Allan, and Jeff Lluis discuss turning tragedy into comedy, prison, and, of course, lots of rambling nonsense.

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