Our far-too-long conversation with Stephen Marlin concludes. Don't worry, it's still good!

This Stephen Marlin guy really is too nice and polite to be on this podcast.

We continue our deep dive into the genius of Sam Firstenberg's cinematic library. So, how about this: an episode with quality sound! 

Part one of a series where we review the films of cinema auteur, Sam Firstenberg.

Rafiq and Allan introduce a hot take: 2020 sucked.

Please forgive us as we descend into middle age and try to figure out how to record remotely. "Okay, X-er." The delightful Donnie Stopa calls in to go...View Details

This episode comes with some homework. You MUST view the film Assassin 33 A.D. beforehand. Trust us.

Recorded 8/31/2020. Rafiq and Allan talk about the DC FanDome from 8/21. It's pretty dorky, and neither of us will ever get laid again.

John J. Murray joins us, and, to no one's surprise, we talk video games, movies, and other such nonsense.

J J Curry joins Rafiq and Allan. As usual, when comics get together, we talk about porn, relationships, comedy, and our favorite ride at the playgroun...View Details

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